Thursday, September 3, 2009

Unusual Contents


Last night I went to a gig in The Tap to help fund local monsters Crowd Control's upcoming tour. As usual, they were incredible. This band have only gotten tighter and more aggressive over the past 2 years and every new song is better than the last.

It's a shame that they haven't got more released material. Their split 7" with Mob Rules is fucking great, but it took so long to get done that it was kind of anticlimactic when I got it, because I'd had the songs for so long. They have a new split with the UKs The Hard Way in the works, however, and this has me excited.

I hope tour works out for them, even though Nottingham fell through.

Support was from Sort It Out, who were awesome, Etcha, who did nothing for me, and Loose Nut. It was Loose Nut's first show, and they were great. Jamie posted elsewhere about the raw nerve nature of the music and I can only agree. This is probably going to end up being one of my favourite local bands. I only hope it doesn't fall by the wayside when Crowd Control inevitably blow up.

Overall, this show was great, and it was good to see so many people make an effort to come out to it, despite the shitty weather.

As an aside, I went into the asian market beside the venue, and while browsing through the packs of steamed buns in the freezer, I found one whose ingredients included 'Jizz Powder'. I laughed so hard that I had to leave the shop.