Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pleasing myself vs. pleasing others.

I need to find the time to get back to the gym. At my best, I used to go about 4 times a week. It's been too long since I've done that.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sverige är nummer ett (no pictures yet)

Saturday morning, Wally and I made our way from the Glasnevin party house to Dublin airport to begin our fun weekend adventure. Our final destination is just outside Helsingborg, in Sweden, but our 0645 flight was to Copenhagen, in Denmark.

Being the well prepared scouts we are, we had no idea what we were doing when we arrived at the airport, so after a little investigation, we jumped on a train, across the sea, to Helsingborg, via Malmö. Simon met us at the train station, and a quick bus ride later, we were out at the house that Simon, Joanna, Fingers and Holly share.

The first day was spent chilling out, so we watched some movies, went for a long walk along the beach in the freezing cold, and had pasta puttanesca. It was rad. Seeing as I was tired, I pretty much just passed out.

On the second day we decided to go for a shopping trip, so we got up decently early, visited a bunch of ridiculous superstores, bought some vegan fast food and stole some saws from outside a hardware store. We missed our bus on the way back, but it was only a connection to get us to another bus, so we walked along the freeway til we reached the bus stop. We chilled out in the evening, watching Blade II and Blade Trinity. Once again, I passed out pretty quickly. I'm told I snore a lot.

Because I snore, and fall into practical unconciousness when I'm really tired, I woke up with cocks drawn all over me. Simon was definitely the culprit. Revenge was mine in the form of a giant snowball smashed at him while he was asleep.

Monday was tattoo day. Laura went first, getting her shin completed by Simon in about 3 1/2 hours.

Once Simon and Laura were done, we got started, and completed the shin in about 4 1/2 hours. It's pretty big, going from my ankle to just under my kneecap, and wrapping around to the piece on my calf. There's some room around the top right and left of the piece for a little something later on, but the piece is done for now.

After a couple hours recovery and some dinner, that I dropped a cushion in, I decided that I was going to have to get my chest finished. It took about 2 hours, and it was fucking torture. I don't really remember too much of the last hour, and barely managed to get into bed once it was done.

I woke up in the middle of the night, absolutely zombified. It was the weirdest shit ever. Outside was covered in snow, and it was still coming down hard. I'd also just had a fucked up dream about trying to learn krav maga. My brain was fried.

We all woke up early today, because Simon and Jo had to head into Malmö for tattoo appointments. We left them in the tattoo parlour (which was aaaawesome) and headed back in to Malmö central to get some eats. We wandered around for a bit after that, but both Laura and I were feeling pretty rough still, so we headed home.

We're heading back tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to coming home, because I have the best time hanging out with these dudes. Our flights not too early, but we have to get back to Copenhagen for it, so I think we're going to be on the road about 0530.

Vegan pizza will be on the way shortly. Sweden is number one.

The recent past...

It's been a while since I've made any kind of post about what I've been up to. So here goes.

I finally got myself a new car to replace my poor dead 106. After a little looking, I picked up a 98 Nissan Pulsar, which is basically just the Japanese version of the Almera. After my last car, and the replacement that I had, the difference is dramatic. It has a beverage holder.

I've not got any pics of it here, but I'll update the blog when I eventually get home.

Last weekend, I spent some quality time with my homies from First Death, Forging Friendships and Another Day In Hell in the UK, playing a couple of shows. The guys in First Death and Forging Friendships went across on the Thursday night on the ferry in the Lee's car and in the FD van. Downtown Lee Brown and I had a flight booked for the next day.

I spent the night burning and printing up one hundred numbered ADiH 3 track sampler demos. I started about midnight, and it took about 9 full hours, so I go abolutely no sleep. My dad dropped me up to the airport and I met up with Lee. After a short flight, and two train rides, we arrived in Bury St. Edmunds for the first show.

All three bands were playing in The Old Maltings with Almost Home, Think Again! and Storm And Stress. There weren't too many people at this show, but it was a whole lot of fun, and I think it was one of the better shows we've played. After the gig, we all bailed into our Travelodge. I was so tired from the night before that I just passed out (lying across the pillows) when we finally got into the room.

The Travelodge itself was halfway between Bury and Colchester, where our show was the next day. We only had three triple rooms booked, with thirteen people to get in, so we ended up sneaking in in shifts.

The Travelodge had a Little Chef attached to it, so the next morning, we all went for breakfast and I hooked myself up with some sweet Linda McCartney sausages, mushrooms and beans. Om nom nom.

On the Saturday, Another Day In Hell were playing on the first day of From The Heart. It was a pretty good set, but I managed to fuck up at least one bit of one of our songs, especially our newest one. The rest of the show was a lot of fun, with Special Move, Last Witness and Teenage Lust being the best of the bunch.

The next day of From The Heart was also pretty good, with Forging Friendships and First Death putting in class performances. First Death were one of the best bands of the whole weekend. Other highlights of the day were Get Fucking Dead and Jailbait.

Lee and I'd decided that we were going to get the ferry back with the other dudes, so we had to get up way early to get our stuff together to leave. After a sweet 9 hour drive, involving headpunches, ball games, water fights, Nintendo and van mosh, we arrived at Holyhead and got the ferry back to Dublin.

This post is coming from Sweden. The blog about this trip'll come pretty soon.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Here it comes again, that familiar feeling...

Sometimes I think that I really don't do enough with my life. I try to make meaningful use of my time, but I can't shake the thought.

Read Garfield Minus Garfield.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My God, it's full of stars...

Another sad day.

Other news coming later.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Late post

Just arrived back in my house after being in the UK for a few days with Another Day In Hell, where we played some shows with First Death and Forging Friendships. I'm pretty tired now so I'll post a proper account of the trip soon.

Also, it was my girlfriend's birthday while I was away, and I missed it. Sorry, Rach. x

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

25% off

The first quarter of the year is nearly gone, and I still haven't gotten tattooed. This will hopefully be rectified dramatically on my trip to Sweden.

A proper update will come soon.