Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Deep breaths...


I finally got around to doing some stuff on the Half Shell Records side of things. I updated the MySpace page and created a new webstore where you can come and give me all your beautiful money. I've put all the Half Shell releases to date in there.

Half Shell Webstore
Another Day In Hell's final show is less than a fortnight away. The closer it gets, the unhappier I become. I'm definitely going to be upset on the night. There are some other great bands playing over that weekend aswell. The flier's below. Everyone should go.

Our show on the 20th June with Crowd Control, Frigits and Exploding Birds was amazing. Easily one of the most fun gigs I've ever played. All the bands were great. Crowd Control are currently somewhere in Euroland being phenomenal. If you get a chance to see them, do it.

The last of the shirts that we got made up for the show went the other day. I'm really happy that so many people were interested in getting one, especially those who ordered one from outside of Ireland.

The often delayed ADiH CD went in to be duplicated the other day. It'll have all 7 of the tracks that we recorded on it and should be back in time for the final show. The cover and tray artwork is by the ever awesome Simon Erl. He's currently wandering round the states, being an incredible bum. He's seriously one of the best guys ever. Much love, bro.

Annoyingly, my XBox red ringed last night when I was trying to drive fast into stuff. I've had it since the european launch, so it's gotten a pretty good run, but I think I can still get it repaired free of charge. Here's hoping.

That's all for now.


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