Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm complicated


I definitely make things worse by staying up and thinking about them.

I went to go-karting today after work.  I managed to not have a serious accident.  The track was soaking wet, so we were sliding all over the place.

After that I met up with Laura, Laura, Joe and Mags and went to see The Wackness.  I really enjoyed it.  The soundtrack was incredible.

I should have been hanging out with Jon while I was in the movies, and becuase my brain isn't really working too well I completely forgot about it.  Sorry Jon and Becca!

My band, Cornered, are playing our first proper show in about 18 months next thursday.  Everyone should come.  We're playing support for Deal With It.  That alone is going to be intense.  Here's a flier.

That's enough introspection and self abuse for one day.


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