Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Like a stone, like a stone...


I've been in hospital for the last week. Woke up on Tuesday in unbelievable agony. It took between then and Thursday night for them to figure out I had a renal stone.

It wasn't a very pleasant experience, so I'm not really into recounting it. Instead, here follows what I did when I wasn't curled up in a ball, fucked up on painkillers, going for scans and not eating for 3 1/2 days.

I finally finished Broken Sword. That was class. Nico is a horrible bitch and isn't very aesthetically pleasing.

I played heaps of Starcraft, which is something I missed out on before. It's still pretty deep as far as strategy games goes.

I watched a couple of documentary movies. The Corporation, Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room, Global Dimming and An Inconvenient Truth.

I watched Lords Of Dogtown. I really enjoyed Dogtown and the Z-Boys when I saw it a couple of years ago, and this is was a thoroughly enjoyable movie. Emile Hirsch is great in it. I hope he hasn't destroyed his career with that Speed Racer shit.

It please me greatly that I was visited by my mom everyday, and by heaps of other good dudes and dudettes. Every visit was really appreciated.

I was back in work today, the day after I got out. It wasn't a fun day in work. I guess it'll be a little while before I'm back in fighting form. Then everyone is dead.

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