Friday, May 16, 2008

True evil never dies...


On Wednesday, I saw a trailer for a new zombie movie called Outpost. The twist is that the zombies are the result of a Nazi experiment to make invincible super soldiers, like in Universal Soldier. I'm so excited by the potential for blood and hilarity in this film.

In other movie news involving Nazis, I hear that the new Indiana Jones is less than spectacular. I'll be very disappointed if that's the case. :(

It's been 4 days since I got out of hospital, and I'm still not 100%. It hasn't been the best week. I have an outpatients appointment with urology in about 5 weeks, just to make sure everything is alright, but I think that if it's not all alright by that time, then I'll definitely have noticed.

Band news. Another Day In Hell are coming to an end. This has bumme
d me out more than I can say, but that's how life goes, unfortunately. We have two final shows coming up, one with Crowd Control, and some unannounced others, on June 28th before they go on tour, and the other at Demented Fest on July 20th. There are no posters or fliers or anything for either of these yet, but soon.

edit: Still no poster for the June 28th show, but here's the one for demented fest.

We will have some shirts available at both of these shows. I think they're going to be limited to 50 altogether. The design is by super tight homeboy, Simon Erl. I love that dude.

In other news, Jonathan Boyce (that's his handsome visage on the right), drummer for Another Day In Hell and Forging Friendships, has taken up vocal
duties with my other band, Cornered.

I've been playing with Cornered for about 4 years, and it's mostly been long periods of quiet, with brief spells of intense activity. I was the original vocalist for the band for a long time, but we'd decided that we needed to find a dedicated vocalist because I couldn't do it and play guitar at the same time and give both my fullest effort.

We've not played a live show in nearly 18 months, partly because we were writing new material, and it was taking a long time to come together, but mostly because we weren't able to find someone who we wanted to play with us. Jonathan fits the bill, and he's the best dude ever, to top it off.

I've not been doing much with regards to Half Shell right now, for various reasons, none of which are really good enough. I'm going to be running some shows this summer with Demented Promotions and Red Ranger Promotions. I'm not quite sure what the future holds otherwise.

I've been seeing a young lady, Rachel, for the past while too. She doesn't really get enough of a mention, but she lights my fire. That's us on the right when we went down to visit my sister, her husband and their new baby, Roisín.

I've got no pictures of the cute little tyke, but rest assured that she enjoyed vomiting all over my nice shirt.

The baby, I mean.

That's all for now. Time for chinese food and zombies of the SS.

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Yo, there is a poster for Demented Fest.

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