Saturday, October 11, 2008



I had written an immensely long blog entry about my trip to Nottingham with Crowd Control, but I realised that no-one is interested in reading over long descriptions of someone elses fun through badly constructed English, so here's my second attempt.

Nottingham ruled. Tom and Sarah are legends for letting me crash there when my place to stay fell through. We had a blast eating pizza in Stone, listening to nu-metal in the Speak Easy and dancing badly in Rock City. Getting destroyed by fake blood is definitely one of the funniest things that's happened to me in ages.

The gig was great. My hightlights were definitely all of Cold Ones and Cold Snap's sets, Hordes' cover of Wolverine Blues and Crowd Control in general.

Crowd Control are hands down the best band in Ireland right now, and I can't wait to finally get that split.

Everyone who hooked any of us up with anything in Nottingham is fantastic. I had the best time.

Flying across for this show cost next to nothing, and it's the kind of thing that I should do more often.

My next post might be interesting. Don't hold your breath.


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