Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Deathwish Records have put out some of my favourite records of the last couple ears and I'm totally excited about some of the releases they have coming up soon.

Yesterday I listened to the Fall 2008 sampler and the Trap Them WYNU live radio set, for pretty much the whole day. I've been looking forward to the new Trap Them record for a while, and judging by the new songs on the live set, it's going to be pretty immense.

The highlights of bands I hadn't really listened to before are New Lows, Lewd Acts, The Carrier, Narrows and United Nations

Cornered are playing the Moshspace 3 year anniversary show in Eamonn Dorans this coming Friday with Forging Friendships, Find A Way, Inflatable Gods and CiarĂ¡n Parnell.  Here's the poster.

I'm really looking forward to playing at this, and you should all go.



xMac Kellx said...

This is the real shit.

pentagrimes said...

aye, that Trap Them live set is a beauty.