Friday, November 28, 2008

Rise From Your Grave


This morning I had to bring my sisters car, which is also the car I've been using for the past two months, down to the garage because the water pump is on the way out in it and needs to be replaced.  The mechanic is going to do the timing belt on it at the same time, because it's due to be sorted out.  The whole job is quoted at €330, which is alright I supposed, but a bit of a kick in the teeth.

The earliest that the car'll be ready will be Monday, so I was looking forward to having no car again this weekend.  That's a total lie, by the way. There's no fucking way that I was looking forward to getting buses and trains and shit. If you live far enough away from your job that commuting there via public transport takes upwards of 2 hours in the morning, and the same again going home, then a car is pretty much a must.

I've been walking past my own car every morning and evening for the past 3 months, feeling bad that it's still not back on the road, and so I was going to be working on getting stuff finished this weekend. I took some time earlier this evening and worked with my dad to get some of the preliminary work done.  As it turned out, we were still working in the freezing cold, when the sun had long set, but everything is pretty much finished.

I took her out for a drive earlier, for the first time in over three months.  I forgot what it was like to drive a car that doesn't have to be in 5th gear when going 60km/h.

I'm going to organise a service for her tomorrow, and bring her to get the wheel alignment checked in the afternoon. After that, I'll be good to go. I can't wait.

Ceremony on Sunday.  Yeayeuh.


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