Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dead technology


I realise how bizarre this sounds, but I've had several dreams in the last couple months about LaserDisc players. I've never owned one, and haven't seen any LaserDiscs for sale in Ireland since the late 90s. I'm reliably informed by the internet that there have been no new LaserDisc titles produced since 2000.

Anyways, about a month after I had a dream about them, I was in Nottingham and found a number of discs for sale in some second hand music store, and I felt compelled to buy them. I somehow managed to exercise restraint and left the shop empty handed, except for a double LP of War Of The Worlds.

Since then I've had at least two really vivid dreams about buying them.

Today I read that players for what is essentially a dead format are still being made, although there are only 3,000 more units being produced.

In a slightly related article, the last manufacturer of blank VHS tapes officially stopped production at the end of last year.

I wonder sometimes if the entirety of human endeavour will be lost to the future because we choose to record our history and culture on a format that no-one will be able to play.

Last night The Carrier played in Fibbers. The sound for the whole night was amazing, and the atmosphere was really great.  The three local support acts really set it off, despite Iano and Nelly both being sick. Dead Wrong handed out copies of their fantastic demo with the artwork consisting of a pair of panels from Preacher, featuring Johnny Lee Wombat. 

Cedo ou tard, chega uma hora quando tudo que vocé quer é gritar foda-se pro mundo.

The Carrier were really great. They're a terribly intense band and their live show really puts this across. I love the Boston accent. Leave the car in Harvard Park. Apparently Matt Damon in The Departed is not representative of Bostonians. Who'd have thought?


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