Thursday, January 29, 2009

Early mornings


I brought my sister, her fiancé and their adorable kid to the airport this morning for an early flight, and headed straight to work afterwards. I arrived at 0605.

This is definitely the earliest I've been here in a long, long time.

I managed to secure myself an extra 20 minutes asleep this morning by deciding that I would have a shower when I got to work. I picked up some new varieties of Original Source, which I've raved about in an earlier entry, and I brought the Vanilla Milk and Cocoa one with me. I now smell absolutely delicious, like a really clean cake.

Time to do some work.



Chris said...

Hahaha, clean cake. Amazing.

xChrisx said...

Dude thats the other Chris who posted that comment!
Youre sleep deprived ignorant racist homophobic brain got confuuuused.

Horror Business said...

Im down with that vanilla and cocoa one. its the biz