Thursday, January 8, 2009

Frozen corpses


On the way to work yesterday morning, I saw 7 dead animals on the road.  This may be a new record.  It contrasted strangely with the winter wonderland feeling that the overnight frost had given the fields I was driving past.

I'm yet to hit an animal on the road, and am thankful for this.

I was driving home late a couple of months ago, and the car in front of me on the road ran over what looked like a rabbit.  The car was maybe 20 meters ahead of me and I could see the animal thrashing around in my headlights.

The driver, who was a young woman, had pulled over ahead of me and turned on her hazard warning lights.  As I drove past I could see her leaning forward in the seat with her head in her hands, covering her eyes.

I told this story to someone recently, and I didn't really think about how much it affected me until then.  

My focus is fucked right now.


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Ro said...

Ex-GF ran-over a duck when we were driving once. Tried veering away but actually veered into/onto it. Poor girl was bawling.

Personally seeing shit like that doesn't get to me in the least really, but seeing it get to other people sure does.