Thursday, January 3, 2008

Clean slate

So up until now I've pretty much only written my blog using MySpace, which I'll be retiring shortly. There's a whole bunch of stuff in there that's personal to me, but probably pretty vague to most of everyone else. If you think something, especially something negative, that I've written about in the past is about you, you're most likely wrong. To date and for the most part, I've done this only for my own sanity.

The title of the blog comes from a song by Panic, a band I've very much gotten into this year. I guess identifying with negative song lyrics is part and parcel of being a hardcore dude.

I'm not entirely sure what my aim is with this, other than to give me another outlet for my negativity and frustration with regards to the modern world, my feelings for it, and my place in it. I guess you could say that in this I'm my own worst enemy.

You don't have to go for my throat, I can cut it fine by myself.

All this hate aside, I'll probably be posting the general and unimportant to all but me details of my life here. That means Half Shell, Another Day In Hell, Cornered and other stuff I do for music, and everything else, which might take precedence to it when it comes to the time I'm forced to spend, but falls far behind when it comes to love felt.

I shouldn't go any further without mentioning that, in a little over two weeks, this love will take the form of 3 US bands who're gracing our shores with their intensity, along with 2 phenomenal local bands, featuring some safe dudes, who I back hard. Links to all their pages are below

Go and listen and then get the records (in some way) and hit up notpopular for the lyrics. Come to the show, sing along, stage dive, don't start fights and have fun.
That's enough for now.

Bands I'm listening to that you should also be the one that's listening to:

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Ciaran said...

I'm actually going to make you a Moshspace blog. I swear.