Monday, January 14, 2008


So my car has been acting funny for the last month or so. My fan belt was slipping a little, and could probably have done with replacing. The oil light started flashing on the other week, but I checked the oil level, and it was fine. Last Wednesday, I started finding it hard to put the car into gear, or if I applied the clutch when braking the car would sometimes slip out of gear. This worries me, so I'm not driving it for a while, until I get it into a garage to get it serviced. This'll be this coming Wednesday.

In the interim, I've had no car.

Laura and Derry drove out to get me on Friday, for which I'm hugely grateful, even though I wasn't ready when they got here. Not being in the driving seat is very, very weird, by the way. I kept looking for mirrors that weren't there to see what was behind me.

After that, I spent hours and hours and hours on buses for the rest of the weekend. I stayed in the party house on Friday night (for which I'm also very grateful) so I had to make the trip back to Skerries from Glasnevin on Saturday afternoon. It took 2 1/2 hours. I was heading out for Dee's birthday on Saturday night (happy birthday again), and the bus back in took another 90 minutes. The nitelink home was just over another hour.

On Sunday, I spent 3 1/2 hours on buses in order to go watch a movie, which was well worth it.

Today was the worst, cos I had to go to work. I was up for work about 5, which sucked on its own, and got a train just before 7. Even though I went straight from train to bus to office, with very little waiting around, I still didn't get there til 9.30am. It was marginally better getting home, but I was still surrounded by people with no regard for anyone else's personal space, and I eventually got home about 9pm.

So yeah. Fuck public transport.

With this in mind, I'm more than appreciative of the lend of the car, a '95 Subaru Vivio, I got from my sister's boyfriend for the next week, while mine is getting repaired or what have you. Driving makes my life so much simpler.

Hopefully my own car will be back on the road for the trip up to Belfast for Blacklisted, Soul Control, Shipwreck and Crowd Control next Thursday. Next Thursday being the day after next Wednesday. Next Wednesday being the show that we're putting on in Eamonn Doran's. You should go to it.

I sound like a scratched record. Back and forth, back and forth.

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Glenn said...

Not having a car is the fucking worst thing in the world.

Robb Edge said...

You know it. The difference between leaving the house at 6.55 and 8.15 is immense.