Friday, January 11, 2008

Suck on that, Dr. Phil.

This blog is about Another Day In Hell.

We had our first proper practice in almost 2 months last night. Due to me being an idiot, and not bringing Jon's snare or cymbals with me to work yesterday morning, I had to drive back to Skerries to pick them up, then back into town. Thanks to amazing traffic, I didn't get there til 7.20, meaning that I missed out on 2 hours of the practice and because I had the drums, it pretty much meant that the others couldn't do anything either.

Once we got set up, we blasted through the set once to warm up, and then got down to writing a new song. I'm pretty pleased with the result. We'll be playing it at our next show. Lyrics are on the MySpace

On that note, we were supposed to be playing next Wednesday, but the show was canceled before it even got organised properly. However, we've been asked to play next Saturday, the 19th, in Eamonn Dorans with Arcada, Soldiers Take Half and Heathers. Flier below. I can't say enough good things about Soldiers Take Half, and an opportunity to see them should never be missed.

Our next show after that is the 9th of February, supporting Save Your Breath and All Or Nothing, along with Nine IX Lives, Veteran and our real tight homies in Find A Way, fronted by the ubiquitous Zach Golden.

We've also been asked to play the Demented 2nd anniversary show, on Valentines night, which I'm totally stoked about cos MacKell is a good dude and has done so much for Dublin Bay hardcore scene. More details on this show to come later.

We should have another practice before Saturday's show, and I'm really looking forward to it. I've never been happier with how things are going.

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