Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Initial D

So yesterday, I drove to work in the car I have for the next week or so, a Subaru Vivio. Here it is...

This mean machine is fully loaded with a 658cc engine and can go 0-60 in seconds. Driving in yesterday I managed to coax it up to a bone shattering 75km/h, or just under 50mp/h. While this means no driving on the motorway for me, I'm not terribly bothered. It's very light on the clutch, and either has power steering or is so light that the wheel can be turned with no effort.

While it's definitely a step down the automotive ladder from my own car, which I love and love to drive, I'm still glad to have it available to me.

There's nothing I'd rather do less in the morning than share my air with people I don't know, for more than 2 hours, probably while being forced to stand, just so I can go to work.

On that note, I'm bringing my car down to the garage to get repaired now. I wonder how much it'll cost me...

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